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javier hernández - jhers - artist

Javier Hernández Soria, Jhers, is a Spanish artist. His work is mainly painting and sculpture, but he likes working in different ways, materials and stiles. ¿Do you want to know more about Javier?


Javier Hernández, known as Jhers, was born in 1950 in Tudela, a small town in the region of Navarre, in the northern part of Spain. With just four years, he moved to Cascante, the ancient Cascantum, Roman founded, a village between the Moncayo mountain and Ebro river, land of vineyards, olive trees and a deep farming tradition. 

Javier´s father used to work as a station master of the railroad called popularly "Tarazonica" an old railroad closed in the 50s and converted as a bike path nowadays. 


He started painting with the age of 21. The artist tried to show what he saw and what he felt on a piece of canvas.

But, what changed his life and consequently, his work, was his trips to Africa. In 1990,  Javier went to Mali and share his time with the people and the culture there. He returned home completely different, and his life´s work made a decisive turning into whats it is now. In there, he spent time with the international  well-known painter Miquel Barceló.

He returned to Africa four more times when he rediscovered the senses of the forgotten continent.


Jhers is a self-taught painter, lively and tireless person who aim to show people around him the way he understands his work. He tries out with different materials and colors, including bitumen of Judea, acrylics and oils on canvas, wood or sack. 



 Jhers and Miquel Barceló

After a prolific work dedicated to the painting, Javier started to experiment new ways for his inspiration, and over old olive tree wood, he created his first sculpture. Due to the huge acceptance, he carried on his new way of expression. Nowadays, Jhers owns a varied colection of works made with olive tree wood and its roots, iron, stone and beech wood. 

Life´s work

"If I haven´t been a painter, it would have been difficult achieve what I did: to make sense my life, to enjoy what I do" - Jhers



My portfolio is divided in sculpture and painting. 



Most of them made with oil on canvas.



Abstract Paintings

In there, you can admire the "Constelaciones" colection, shown in Salamanca in 2013.

Landscapes and Places

Beautiful places around my village and other places in Spain and Europe. 

Don´t miss  Venice Colection 

"Dhogonías" is the collection inspired by the trips to the deep Africa.  In Mali, the artist Jhers found inspiration for these works.

Other paintings of diverse topics and materials.


In this page it is shown different sculptures made in materials as olive tree  wood and his roots, iron and stone.


In this section you can find sculptures made with 70-years-old beech, which belong to the railroad ties of the old railroad between Tudela and Tarazona.

Buy my work

Shipping Worldwide


Do you want some of my art in your home or your company? 

Please, feel free to contact us via e-mail and you will be answered in English.  


We accept different payment methods and we ship worldwide. 


Just send an e-mail to and specify which work of art you are interested and we will answer with prices and conditions.

All works here exposed have a reference (Ref.) number. 

Visit my art studio in Spain

I will be glad if you visit my studio. It is located in the northern part of Spain, in the village of Cascante, the old Roman Cascantum, in Navarre province. Land of wines, vegetables and tradition, my village and its surroundings are the perfect environment for my inspiration. Just visit it and take a break into my art gallery, where you will get my last works. 


Many people from other countries as Brazil, Mexico and Canada recently visited my studio. 

My studio is in Cascante, in the south of the province of Navarre (in the North of Spain, with capital the city of Pamplona) just two hours by car from France. 

You can get my studio easily from the highway by car or by bus, and 10 km from Cascante is located Tudela, the nearest town with hotels, train station and shopping areas. 

Any question?


Please contact me in English via Email:

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